Where are the systems?

This morning I was out on my daily run listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear. I am usually listening to books or podcasts as I run since it gives me the space to let new ideas bounce around my head.

This morning the information was more thought provoking than usual. James Clear was introducing the idea of not forming singular habits. Instead creating and employing systems. Habits on their own may not be successful, but systems are.

Beyond creating lasting habits this prompted me to think about schools.

Yes, we’re called a school system, but do we actually run as a system? Are we fluid and adaptable? Are we emphasizing the proper skills and content?

Do our teachers even know we’re in a system? We’re building up students for a changing world, but are we working together or all moving in separate directions hoping that our “mark” will last?

How can we build systems of communication that can grow a spirit of collaboration?

This is where I see a break down in education. We are isolated and attacking the same problem, but wouldn’t be more effective working together?

If systems are the more effective way to learn and cement new habits can we use this knowledge to build a stronger education system?

Not federally, and probably not at state level, but at the independent level shouldn’t we be able to have one uniting vision?

We need people to unite to build strong systems. We need like – minded educators and diverse thoughts. We need free conversations and tons of collaboration. We need as an craft to employ better systems to ensure we’re teaching the skills, habits and life skills that will benefit our students.

Let’s break down the walls of our classrooms and create connections. Build systems and work together. What could we build is we all built together?

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