Building a Virtual Flap

The Flap is an integral part of running eduScrum. It is the heart and brain of the project and must be accessible to all students. The Flap show the chronological movement of a project, while making communication and organization transparent. When a project begins students are shown how to create a Flap. The categories that... Continue Reading →

A More Beautiful Question

There are many experiences and books that have shaped me as a person and as an educator, but none were more powerful and immediate than <a href="http://<a target="_blank" href="">A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough IdeasA More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas. I picked up this... Continue Reading →

Self – Selected Groups

No level headed teacher would dream of letting students create their own groups for a project, but here I am. Having students lead by team captains self-select their team is one of the tenets of eduScrum. It is essential that students understand their power of choice. This is not the class they've taken every year... Continue Reading →

Question Everything.

Asking questions is a natural to all human beings. We know this because as soon as babies can socialize they are asking questions. Even before they are verbal babies point to objects and make noises. We know they are exploring their new world. When those babies learn language they spend the first few years of... Continue Reading →


Jumping in the the only way to tackle a new challenge. This year we are facing an incredible amount of challenges from distance learning to plexiglass, but the lessons from the spring have been learned. We must keep kids connecting, collaborating and socializing. They must be challenged and engaged. Worksheets will not cut it. To... Continue Reading →

Setting Intentions

In a normal not 2020 year my classroom is filed with unique learning spaces. There is flexible seating, all surfaces including walls are writable and students get to pick seats based on the activities that we are completing that day. This may sound like the makings of pandemonium, but student choice is liberating especially on... Continue Reading →


The first day of school is nerve wrecking for everyone. New faces. Old faces. New rooms and an educational overhaul. Installing an Agile Mindset This is what I am attempting this year. After being sent home in March the world has dramatically shifted. The assumptions that were held as true seem old and antiquated. Education... Continue Reading →

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